To the Amazing Mom of 4 That Bought My Costco Lunch Today…


To the amazing mom of four that bought my Costco lunch today, thank you. Thank you for the $1.50 hot dog and coke, and for so much more. For realizing I didn’t have my act together as I stood in the food line with the infant car seat perching on the loaded buggy and the 2 year old running off to press the handles at the coke dispenser. For realizing I felt horrible as my head cold made my entire face feel 5 times its normal size (yes, we for some reason tried to squeeze this trip in after the kids’ doctor’s appointment). Thank you for the perfect combination of listening, empathy and advice… you get it, not everyone does. Thank you for saying the transition from one to two kids was the most difficult for you. Some days I feel like we are getting into our groove and some days I just don’t know where to start.

You see, I’m learning… that in this most important role of motherhood, we are always learning. Just when you think the day is running so smoothly, boom! The temper of a hungry 2-year-old becomes the fuel to the 4 month old’s starvation cry and the flame to my already pounding headache. I’m learning there are moments when I just have to put my agenda on hold to meet the needs (or wants) of the kiddos.

‘Mama said there’ll be days like this’ and I’m learning just how true that is. I’m realizing how strong we mommas actually are! We cannot throw in the towel when we’re sick and need to rest. We gather the troops and go to the doctor and Costco because we need groceries and daddy is working (bless him). We snuggle, play, feed, clean up and do it all over again (and love most every minute of it). We go through hundreds of tissues a day during these household cold seasons. Seriously, it’s like a never ending wipe cycle. And sleep… don’t get me started there.

This ‘motherhood’ thing is so incredibly special. Women from all walks of life get it. I’ve been encouraged today by you, amazing mom of four. You took a moment out of your day (and $1.50 from your wallet) to stand beside me, telling me to hang in there. Telling me that being a mother to these two little rascals is the most important and satisfying role I could ever hope for. Thank you!

Oh and wait, you’ve done this four times? Wow. You are amazing! I will pay this forward.