Crab Handprint Thank You Card

It’s tough to live so far away from our families… I find myself missing them even more after we vacation to see them. It doesn’t help that my son is of an age where he asks where GG and Granddaddy are for a week afterward! Since we have so many cute beach pictures from the trip, I searched for a beach themed toddler craft on Pinterest to turn into a thank you card. I found a cute crab handprint project that was super easy (because that is what we’re all about these days!)

Items Needed: washable ink (I used red), paper (I used blank, white computer paper) and your child’s hands (this could be the most difficult!)


1. Lay the paper out on a prepared surface and have your ink pad ready (remember the ink may be swiped somewhere other than the paper if your child is anything like mine).





2. Gently rub the ink pad across one of your child’s hands and immediately place his handprint on the paper, thumb side up.


3. Repeat the process with your child’s other hand… the goal is for the base of your child’s hands to be the crab’s body, the thumbs to be the antennas and the fingers to be the claws.

4. Add googly eyes or draw eyes and a smiley face to complete the project.

5. Optional – I taped a picture of each kid, added a name and thank you/date on the side of the crap handprint as a personal touch.


That’s it! Easy enough, right? Like the quick and easy Crab Handprint Thank You Card? Subscribe to the blog to have new crafts emailed your way!


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