Crispy M and M’s Don’t Make Good Cookies

My son is infatuated with M&M’s. I mean, seriously infatuated. He cannot get enough of them. We initially used them sparingly to teach colors but the overwhelming sweetness of chocolate bite sized candies was just too much… now they are our go-to bribe to keep him quiet on airplanes, in doctor offices, in the car, and yes (I admit somewhat shamefully), even when we want to snap a cute picture.

At our local grocery store this weekend, they had the crispy M&M’s on sale so I bought a bag. It’s almost gone. And it’s only Tuesday. Why do we do this? If the M&M’s are in the house, we have trouble keeping the bag in the pantry. Yes, I have cucumbers and carrots and apples and oranges but D is begging for the pretzels and M&M’s. I reach for a handful instead of cutting an apple. My husband grabs a few to tide himself over as dinner is being prepared.

I know there are numerous conversations and perspectives on the amount of snacking appropriate for toddlers, and the types of snacks appropriate for toddlers… what do you guys give your kiddos? How do you balance a very obvious 2 year old sweet tooth with the healthier veggies and fruits? What times of day do you allow your children to have snacks?

Oh yeah, and since I’ve confessed our obsession with M&M’s, let me go get the crispy M&M cookies out of the oven. PS – If you are going to make your son M&M cookies, just buy the original bag. I snuck one out of the first batch and trust me… the crispy ones baked just get too crispy!



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