House Project Weekends… with little kids

Have you ever been there? So excited to finally get your list of house projects complete on a long weekend? That was my husband and me this past weekend, well me anyway! He had Friday-Monday off and we started off strong… making a task list of everything to be accomplished. Bookcases to install, computer desk and stand to install, tv to buy and mount, little girl’s room drape to install (he’d already painted her room), boards to cut for decorative projects, etc.

Insert the big unknown… getting things accomplished with a three and one year old! Our three year old son was helpful for about 10 minutes (hahaha) and then dumped his train set out in the floor and played loudly while dear husband was trying to think. Our one year old little girl decided momma couldn’t do anything but hold her; you’ve been there, right? All it took was the little kink in the project (i.e. the retro box to rewire the tv mount to not fit) and all hell breaks loose!

Momma is no longer caring if the projects get done this weekend or not. She really had wanted to ‘assist’ her dear husband with everything. Dear husband is dreaming of going back to work on Tuesday. Darling children are still our darling, little children.

Whew! Any suggestions for making these weekends go better? We don’t have family in town to dump the kids with… maybe I should have hit our friends up!


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