Preschool, what?!

How in the world is it time for us to be considering preschool for our firstborn? Whoa. Time flies; most days! This weekend our local community held a preschool fair, so we loaded everyone up and headed over to learn about the options.

What a blast! The planning and effort that our local community put into this fair was very impressive! The time for the fair was set from 10 am – 12 noon, but I bet they stayed much longer with the number of people visiting. When we first walked in, they had a sports activity room set up to the right where you could drop your kids off if desired. Since ours were so little, we bypassed that and went on into the gym. Front and center was an information table where you received a goody bag (mainly filled with info to help you recall details later). Then the booths were set up along the exterior of the gym… you had all (or most) of the preschools present, but there were also booths for local kids dentists, sports and music classes, the public library, etc. In the center of the gym were large activity stations where your kids could play while you chatted with the booth representatives.

My husband watched the kids while they played and I made the rounds to the preschool booths. For those booths where my son joined me, they had activities arranged to engage the kids… I walked away completely impressed with the event. And from a wannabe event planner, that is an amazing thing! Now we just have to select the preschool! Any tips there?


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