Making a Simple, Rustic Sign

There is this amazing family in our community and we happened to meet them at church. Last December, when I had a 10 day old and a 2 year old (and my husband and mother-in-law had the flu), this family really came through for us. They were out of town and allowed me to bring my kiddos over to stay at their home. My hope was by removing us from the flu stricken house, I could protect my kids from getting sick (especially my 10 day old little girl)! As I unloaded both kids, arm loads of groceries and tons of ‘stuff’ (i.e. pack-n-play, rock a puppy, toys, etc.) I was about ready to break into tears. I look up and on top of the kitchen cabinets were standing letters that spelled ‘PRAY BIG’. Pray big is what I did that night and a foundation I hope to instill in our family forever.

Fast forward a year and I was looking for a sign to go above the kitchen cabinets in our new house. PRAY BIG came to mind so I started scavenging the internet looking for a sign to order. They make them, they do, but not in the size or colors I needed! So, thanks to my mom sending me a cricut and a leftover roll of vinyl, I channel my inner DIY and get to work! If you don’t have a cricut or vinyl, just print out your words and tape them on… roll with it.

Are you ready for the simplicity here?

  1. Get the boards. Put them together (or just use one… whatever your space calls for). Or follow my example and just get your sweet husband to do this part for you!
  2. Print out your words (PRAY BIG in this example) on any color of vinyl on the cricut.
  3. Stick the words to the boards in the design you want them.
  4. Spray paint the boards (over the vinyl). I chose black spray paint that was leftover from another project. First do a light coat and then follow up with a second, heavier coat.20160124_143449.jpg
  5. Remove the vinyl letters to showcase the natural color of the boards.
  6. Gently sand the boards, paying special attention to the corners and any natural wood grains (to make the sign look more rustic).


And YOU ARE FINISHED. Amazing! Now here is my new, mom motto… it’s okay if it’s not perfect. It just needs to be perfect enough. There will probably be another blog about that later on but for this example, it’s okay if the paint bled over a bit into the letter. Sand it and make it look like a natural, rustic fade. It’s okay if you held the paint too close to the board and there is a slight blob… just sand it out. Just let this be the crafty, therapeutic project it can be!



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